Trailer Trips

Near the Big Rock Candy Mountain, Utah

The Scotty had South Carolina plates when I got her, but there was a dealer sticker from Lakeside, Florida, and I think there were some North Carolina plates that came with her as well. There was evidence of a sticker on the back that said “Cindi’s Lil Punkin'” as well as a sticker that came off years ago that had some “alternative lifestyle” implications. There was also an electric air conditioner that had been installed through the front wall and under the dinette table. It would certainly be interesting to know a little more about the history of my Scotty, but I’ve made some pretty good history of my own with her.

First night of 2003 Easter Grand Canyon trip

During the first couple of years that I had the trailer rolling I made improvements like new battery and inverter, new interior paint, I replaced the pump faucet in the sink, rigged an awning that I never really used, painted the fork, rims and hub caps. I also added some structural support to the outer frame that had rotted considerably over the years and ripped out the air conditioner and patched the front wall of the trailer.

Near Yellowstone National Park 2003

During this time I had the Scotty out a few times, including trips to Antelope Island, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and also a trip to Lucin and the Devils Playground in North Western Utah. I probably have taken the Scotty on more than a few roads that she wasn’t really built for, and it seemed like every time I came home I had a couple more things to repair. I’m sure there are a ¬†few more trips that have slipped my mind, but the last time we took the trailer out was in June of 2007. My girlfriend and I took her up High Creek in Northern Cache Valley in Utah. After that she sat covered, or so I thought, for the last four years. Which kinda sorta, brings us up to date.

Near Zion National Park 2003

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