Back in the Saddle, almost.

The Scotty has a new tow vehicle. Should be no trouble getting over those pesky hills now.

The Scotty has a new tow vehicle. Should be no trouble getting over those pesky hills now.

Funny how time flies. I wish that I posted about all of the work that I’ve done on the Scotty since the last time I posted, but Oh well, here we are two years later.

Since the last trip I took in the Scotty in 2007, it sat for years under a tarp. As it urns out, the western sun beating down will compromise even a good quality tarp after a few years. When I finally got back to working on my trailer water had come in and done a bit of damage to the ceiling in the front and back and where the seams are on the roof. At one point in an attempt to remove snow from the roof of the Scotty using a push broom, I had broken the original plastic roof vent cover. This was the first project of the “new start” for my Scotty. I replaced it with a new one with a fan. As far as projects go, this one was pretty simple. Next I tried to seal the seams of the Scotty. There are three sheets of aluminum that make up the roof of my trailer. This means that there are two seams that were never really sealed during original construction back in 1966. I got some special RV sealant at State Trailer and taped off the seams before applying a healthy dose. I did the same thing on the roof side of the silver aluminum trim along the edges of the trailer. This has worked pretty well up until this year when a couple of small leaks formed on the roof. Repairing the aftermath of the leaks is another story. Lots of cutting, patching, sanding, sanding, sanding, and painting.

After another summer of no work on the trailer, I was determined to get her back on the road this year. Of course things don’t always go as planned with a restoration. Since I first got my Scotty in 1999, there have been a lot more resources become available over the internet. In ’99 I could find almost no information, today thanks to a couple of organizations,, and there is a wealth of information about what other people have done with their Scotty’s. It’s also become much easier to source replacement parts because of

More soon . . .


Trailer Trips

Near the Big Rock Candy Mountain, Utah

The Scotty had South Carolina plates when I got her, but there was a dealer sticker from Lakeside, Florida, and I think there were some North Carolina plates that came with her as well. There was evidence of a sticker on the back that said “Cindi’s Lil Punkin'” as well as a sticker that came off years ago that had some “alternative lifestyle” implications. There was also an electric air conditioner that had been installed through the front wall and under the dinette table. It would certainly be interesting to know a little more about the history of my Scotty, but I’ve made some pretty good history of my own with her.

First night of 2003 Easter Grand Canyon trip

During the first couple of years that I had the trailer rolling I made improvements like new battery and inverter, new interior paint, I replaced the pump faucet in the sink, rigged an awning that I never really used, painted the fork, rims and hub caps. I also added some structural support to the outer frame that had rotted considerably over the years and ripped out the air conditioner and patched the front wall of the trailer.

Near Yellowstone National Park 2003

During this time I had the Scotty out a few times, including trips to Antelope Island, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and also a trip to Lucin and the Devils Playground in North Western Utah. I probably have taken the Scotty on more than a few roads that she wasn’t really built for, and it seemed like every time I came home I had a couple more things to repair. I’m sure there are a ¬†few more trips that have slipped my mind, but the last time we took the trailer out was in June of 2007. My girlfriend and I took her up High Creek in Northern Cache Valley in Utah. After that she sat covered, or so I thought, for the last four years. Which kinda sorta, brings us up to date.

Near Zion National Park 2003

Are we there yet?

Here it is. My first ever Blog. I hope you’re as excited as I am.

This is a blog about my 13 ft 1966 Serro Scotty Sportsman and the slow but steady progress that I’m making on the way to restoration.

I bought my Scotty on a whim in 1999 from a young couple who had just moved out here from South Carolina and used the trailer to move cross-country. I found the ad at a local sporting goods store and looked it over. I think I paid $1000. I actually bought the trailer before I had a vehicle to tow it with. The trailer sat for the first year or two until I took it on our first trip, a short ride out to Stansbury Isalnd, which is not really an island.

Scotty at Stansbury

My maiden voyage with my 1966 Scotty Sportsman

I hadn’t done anything to the trailer besides getting the running lights operating. It was a pretty, but pretty barren and stark place to camp.

Scotty at Stansbury Island

First trip to Stansbury Island